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About Us

The ice-cream parlour Baja Beach was born in 2003 following the idea and the strong passion of Massimo Angelè, heir of a lineage of ice cream makers. This innate passion was nurtured with a firm belief and led Massimo to create a world of flavor, genuineness and flair. 10 years of unique creations have coddled and blown the mind of both loyal and new customers, who discovered Baja Beach and chose it as a ralaxing and entertaining place in which they could taste handcrafted and always new delicacies. This corner of paradise in the Ardeatino quarter satisfy the palate of many customers delighted of hang out at such a welcoming and refreshing place. The secret of so much delicacy is the outstanding care in choosing the ingredients, ever fresh and without any preservatives or food colouring. The milk comes from selected breeding farms in Italy and the fruit is severely seasonal. This is why the ice cream and all other Baja Beach products are natural and appreciated. Yes, you read it right, Baja Beach is not only ice cream, but also cakes and handmade desserts with a perfect harmony of quality and creativity.

Choose Baja Beach to break your humdrum routine and take a very sweet break instead!